Welcome to this, Michael Schenker Online.nl - The Michael Schenker Archive! Online since July 1999.

This is my mark of respect for the best guitarist ever.
With this site, I want to try to provide the most complete overview of the life and work of Michael and by doing so to contribute to the promotion of his music.
To give this site an international character, only specific information such as news will be written in Dutch.
For the latest Schenker news written in English, I refer you to the news pages on  MichaelSchenkerhimself.com or Ritchie Araki's site.

I would like to thank:
First and foremost: Michael Schenker and all his past, present and forthcoming bandmates - without you there wouldn't be much point for these pages... thanks so much.

many many thanks to all the band members and very especially to Wayne.

I also would like to thank the following sites and/or persons for giving me permission to use their photographs on my site: Jeff Wode, radio gong, E. Grice and bikersweb.co.uk

And last but not least I would like to mention the people who contributed something to the site:
Alanna, Anno Arends, Eric Aaron, Brian Clarke, Frank Fabsits, Gordon Fletcher, Peter Gehrig, René van den Heuvel, Theo Houtman, Scott Hudson, Henk Jelsma,
Jacob Mansveld, Mike Mosier, Ron van der Park, Hans van Pruissen, Wim Rueter and Jeff Wode.

Thank you all!!